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Keynote Addresses

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society featured three keynote addresses organized to complement the conference’s workshop in contact linguistics.

We are pleased to present here screen and audio recordings of these addresses:

Contact, Drift, and Selection in the Balkan Linguistic Area

Jouko Lindstedt

(Professor of Slavonic Philology, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki)

Linguistic Convergence in the Balkans: Some Ecological Perspectives

Salikoko S. Mufwene

(Frank J. McLoraine Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Linguistics, and Humanities Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago and Fellow at the Collegium de Lyon)

Slavo-Albanian Language Contacts: A View from the Albanian Dialectal Map

Aleksandr Rusakov

(Professor, Department of General Linguistics, University of St. Petersburg & Researcher in Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences)

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