The Spanish Graduate Students Committee of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures (SGSC) is a student organization committed to the academic, intellectual and professional development of the Spanish Graduate Students.  Through the organization of workshops, special events and our annual SGSC conference, we seek to facilitate encounters with professors and experts in Iberian and Latin American studies from around the world, beyond the usual academic environment of coursework and classroom lectures.

Our current officers for the 2013-2014 academic year are:

David Reher, President

Viviana Hong, Vice-President

José Estrada, Secretary

Susana Pérez Alonso, Treasurer


The members of the Organizing Committee for the 2014 Spanish Graduate Students Conference are (by last name alphabetical order):

Joshua Baker

Ebenezer Concepción

José Estrada

María Gutiérrez Bascón

Viviana Hong

Thelma Jiménez-Anglada

Jorge Lefevre

Susana Pérez Alonso

David Reher

Medardo Rosario

Elizabeth Walz