Joy Connolly, New York University.
“Irreducible Multiplicity: a Ciceronian account of political action.”

Cynthia Damon, University of Pennsylvania.
Dumnorix Amens: A self-contradictory character in Caesar’s Gallic War.”

Lowell Edmunds, Rutgers University.
“The Contradictoriness of Sallust’s Catiline.”

Christopher Gill, University of Exeter.
Overview lecture: “Contradictory Selves – Character and Personality.”

Paul Allen Miller, University of South Carolina.
“Persius, Irony, and Truth.”

James O’Hara, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
“Jupiter in the Aeneid.”

Michael Putnam, Brown University.
“The Wrath of Aeneas.”

Ralph Rosen, University of Pennsylvania.
“Juvenal and the Comedy of Self-Contradiction.”


Ray Kania (Rosen)
Thomas Keith (Connolly)
Diana Moser (Miller)
Lakshmi Ramgopal (Edmunds)
Aaron Seider (O’Hara)
Jessica Seidman (Putnam)
Bart Van Wassenhove (Damon)