Film theorists and critics have long argued that cinema provided the modern world with its most powerful means for portraying and exploring the mind. Few if any of these reflections referred to projects that overtly sought, scientifically, to understand mind and behavior, but researchers in the human sciences would certainly have agreed with this claim. They used motion pictures to study otherwise inaccessible mental content, and on some occasions, actually created films that were intended to stage in the minds of viewers the actual experiences of their subjects. The films on this page focus on some aspect of consciousness or altered states of mind. They represent a wide variety of fields and and genres, from neurology to psychoanalysis to neurosurgery and from research films to public education.


Consciousness Film Collection

“Alcohol as a Preventive of Experimental Neuroses” (Masserman, 1945)
“Catatonic Cases after Intravenous Sodium Amytal Injection, (Bleckwenn, 1930)”
“Combat Exhaustion” (Signal Corps, 1945)
“Cryptic Automatic Writing by a Multiple Personality” (Harriman, undated)
“Gateways to the Mind” (Bell Labs, 1958)
Hypnotic Induction of Color Vision Anomalies” (Harriman, undated)
“The Inside Story” (Coast Guard, 1944)
“Let There Be Light” (US Army, 1946)
“Resist” (US Army, 1953)


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