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A Fair Chance” (Apex Film, undated)*
Age of Anxiety Pt 1″ (Cronkite interview at Menninger Clinic, undated)*
Age of Anxiety Pt 2″  (Cronkite interview at Menninger Clinic, undated)*
“Alcohol as a Preventive of Experimental Neuroses” (Masserman, 1945)*
“Assignment Home” (US Navy, 1940s)*
“Astronauts in Weightless Flight” (NASA, 1960)*
“Body Motions” (Marey, ca 1890s)
“Catatonic cases after intravenous sodium amytal injection” (Bleckwenn, 1930)
“Combat Exhaustion” (Signal Corps, 1945)
“Cryptic Automatic Writing by a Multiple Personality” (Harriman, undated)*
“Duck and Cover” (Federal Civil Defense Administration, 1951)
“Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives”*
“Galloping Horse” (Muybridge, 1878)
“Gateways to the Mind” (Bell Labs, 1958)
Henry Ford/Ford Co. Industrial Films (variety)” (1912-1920)*
Hypnotic Induction of Color Vision Anomalies” (Harriman, undated)*
“The Inside Story” (Coast Guard, 1944)*
“It Started with Muybridge” (Department of Defense, 1965)
“Life with Baby” (Gesell, 1946)**
“Let There Be Light” (US Army, 1945)
“Little Albert” (Watson, 1920)
“Motor Aptitude Tests and Assembly Work” (Adelbert Ford, 1941)*
“Open Wound Appendectomy” (author unknown, ca 1938)**
Peripheral Nerve Surgery” (Walter Reed General Hospital, 1943)**
“Resist” (US Army, 1953)*
“Roping Salami” (Mundel, 1965)
“Science in Action: Aero Medicine, Parts 1 and 2” (California Academy of Sciences, 1956)
“Technique of Hand Sending” (Department of Defense, 1944)
“X-15 Flight Simulator” (North American Aviation, 1959)*



* Digitized by Project Staff
** Digitized by Andy Poulos at the University of Chicago

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