About this Project

Welcome to Motion Pictures in the Human Sciences, an online library and discussion forum relating to the history of the use of motion pictures in psychology, psychiatry, the neurosciences, and related fields.

The site is the online extension of a new collaboration between film historians and historians of science at the University of Chicago, to study the relationship between the history of the human sciences and the history of film. Our online library contains a growing number of films and related material. Some of the films you can view here have never before been digitized. The site also serves  a curatorial role: we have tracked down films available in disparate locations on the web, and have imbedded them here, to make them easier to find, document, and discuss. As this pilot site grows and matures, some of our material will be available for download, and our collection will become more fully searchable.

Note: Users have reported difficulty accessing our video content, particularly in Internet Explorer, but occasionally also in Firefox. We recommend using either Safari (for mac users) or Google Chrome for best viewing results. To make sure our films are still accessible, we have temporarily transferred many of them to another site: sciencefilmarchive.org. Until we get our new site up, please visit us there.

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