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South Asian Vocal Ensemble

South Asian Vocal Ensemble

Jassie Gift in Concert 2012

Jassie Gift in Concert 2012

vidya Aug 2011 006

Vidya Dengle Master Class 2011

Somjit Dasgupta playing surbahar

Somjit Dasgupta – Performing the Bengal Borderlands 2013

Amie Maciszewski playing sitar

Amie Maciszewski – Performing the Bengal Borderlands 2013








Assistant Professor Kaley Mason describes the South Asian Sound Interventions goals and history in this interview with Julia Tobiska.

Aimed at including a balanced regional representation of classical, popular, and vernacular musical traditions, this performing arts series provides opportunities for more sustained engagement with South Asian art worlds in our community. This project not only seeks to explore the connection between musical skill and pedagogy, but also to highlight the vast traditions of South Asian performance that are situated outside the spaces of canonic music practices in the Indian subcontinent and their accompanying scholarship.

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