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The South Asia Language Resource Center (SALRC) has recently updated its Summer Language Programs webpage. View the latest summer 2010 information at the page here: This list is continually updated as SALRC learns of new programs, so check from time to time for further news. If you have a program you are interested to have posted to the page, please e-mail

Announcement: new online course in Sanskrit from North Carolina State University


First Ever Online Course on Sanskrit

Are you fascinated by the famous Indian epic poem, the Bhagavad Gita? Are you interested in yoga, Hinduism, Jainism, or Buddhism and want a deeper understanding of Indic foundational texts? Learn Classical Sanskrit and gain access to an extraordinary body of literature eight times larger than that of Ancient Greek and Latin combined. During this two years-long series, students will learn to read and translate brief passages from famous epics and sutras and learn to chant brief passages from the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita. Its position in the cultures of South and Southeast Asia is akin to that of Latin and Greek in Europe and Hebrew in Abrahmic Religions. It has evolved into, as well as influenced, many modernday languages of the world. Dating back to as early as 1500 BCE, Vedic Sanskrit is the earliest attested Indo-Aryan language, and one of the earliest attested members of the Indo-European language family.

Topics Covered:

 Sanskrit Alphabet

 Sanskrit Grammar

 Sanskrit Vocabulary

 The Ramayana

 The Bhagvad Gita

Course: Sanskrit Course for 3 credits (online or in class)

FL 295 – 005 (FL 295 – 601)

Tuesdays, Thursdays 6.00 to 7:15 pm

And online:

Contact: Dr. Pankaj Jain

Dept of Foreign Languages and Literatures

North Carolina State University

(919) 515 9307

CENTER FOR WORLD LANGUAGES HINDI-URDU PROGRAM AT UCLA OFFERS  Hindi for Hindi-Urdu Students or other Indian language Heritage Students.  Special class for High School Students only


DURING SUMMER 2009 June 23rd – July 31st (6 weeks)
Time: Monday-Wednesday (9am-12am) Thursday (9am-11am)
Location: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
6 weeks for only $200 (need based fee waiver available)
This is a five unit course and will satisfy some foreign language requirements
Supervisor: Dr. Gyanam Mahajan, ALC Department, UCLA
To register, visit our website: or call us at: Telephone: 310-825-2510 or 310-825-1138

University of Pennsylvania offers STARTALK
Hindi and Urdu Summer Language Programs 2009 for High School Students


The University of Pennsylvania will host during July 2009 federally funded STARTALK language programs in Hindi and in Urdu for students entering grades nine through twelfth. The two language programs will be run separately but both will start on July 6th and run for three weeks till July 24th. Prior knowledge or exposure to these languages is not a pre-requisite for eligibility to these programs. The University of Pennsylvania will also run a third program for Hindi and Urdu teacher-training. Existing or prospective teachers in weekend schools organized by community organizations, public schools, private schools or colleges and those interested in Hindi or Urdu language instruction can apply.

STARTALK is a federally funded program under the National Security Language Initiative and is designed to strengthen foreign language education in U.S. schools. It’s a multi-agency effort to expand learning of seven less commonly taught languages of national importance, among which are Hindi and Urdu. The national plan is to make these languages available to students of all ages from kindergarten through university, just the way other European languages such as Spanish, French, German have been available to students so far. The STARTALK programs at the University of Pennsylvania provide generous incentives to participants and offer the participants the opportunity to partake of Penn’s quality programs.

Interested participants to all the three programs will find further information and an application form at

The deadline for applications is May 30, 2009. However, the program will stop accepting applications as soon as qualified applicants have been recruited.

The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS, The Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC) is offering a summer program in Hindi-Urdu (Four Levels) from June 1-July 23, 2009.


Class timings: 5:30 pm-8:30 pm on M/T/W/Th. Course fee is USD 2100. The course will be worth 8 credits, with a total of 96 hours of instruction.

For details:

Please contact the Office of Summer Programs at any point with questions:

Office of Summer Programs, N403
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: 202.663.5671 Fax: 202.663.5670

The fourth edition of the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics will be held from 27 July – 7 August 2009 at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University.


The Summer School offers a number of courses on a wide range of subjects in the field of languages and linguistics. This year, the Summer School will consist of seven programmes, including courses for beginners as well as for advanced students, taught by internationally renowned specialists:

Indo-European Programme
Germanic Programme
Iranian Programme
Indological Programme
Semitic Programme
Russian Programme
Demotic Papyrology

For more information and registration, visit:

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in collaboration with the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies , the Center for African Studies, CIBER, and the European Union Center is pleased to host the Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World (SILMW) in summer 2009 (June 15-August 6, 2009).


SILMW will offer intensive courses in a variety of Muslim World languages, including Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu and Indonesian, by experienced, trained, and highly proficient instructors. Classes will be held four hours per day over a period of eight weeks, for a total of 132 hours. Students will earn credits equivalent to one full academic year of language instruction.

SILMW provides a unique opportunity to explore the languages and cultures of the Muslim World and interact with experts in this region. In addition to classroom instruction, SILMW will offer a variety of extracurricular activities designed to enhance classroom instruction, provide additional channels for language contact and practice, and expose learners to the traditions of the Muslim World communities. These extracurricular activities include research forums, conversation hours, cooking demonstrations, music, film showings, and other cultural activities.

The SILMW at UIUC is being organized by Abdulkafi Albirini (Director), Ercan Balci, Abbas Benmamoun, Peyman Nojoumian, and Peter Otiato, from the Department of Linguistics.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or like to get more information about SILMW.

Ercan BALCI, Ph.D.

Turkish Program Coordinator

Lecturer of Turkish

Linguistics Department, UIUC

4114 Foreign Languages Building

707 S. Matthews Urbana IL.

Office Tel. no.: (217)244-3058


The South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) based at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is offering intensive summer courses in the following South Asian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan and Urdu. Applications for Summer 2009 are now being accepted.


Graduate students are eligible for FLAS funding through SASLI.  ALL SASLI students are also eligible for fee remissions (partial or full.) The application deadline for both forms of funding is February 20.

Applications and instructions can be found on the SASLI web site at Please apply or encourage your students to apply as soon as possible as faculty hiring is based on student interest.

If you have questions about SASLI, the application process, or FLAS and Fee Remissions, please review the FAQ pages on the web site at   Any additional questions can be addressed to Grace Lorentz, by phone at (608) 261-1194 or by e-mail at

We look forward to your applications!

SASLI – Summer 2009


The South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) is now accepting applications for Summer 2009.

Applications and instructions can be found on the SASLI website at

Please apply as soon as possible as faculty hiring is based on student interest.

Questions about SASLI and the application process are addressed on the FAQ pages on the web site at Additional questions can be addressed to Grace Lorentz, SASLI Program  Assistant at (608) 261-1194 or

The South Asia Summer Language Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, is now hiring both Lecturers and Faculty Assistants for Summer 2009.


Positions are available in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Tamil, Tibetan and Urdu. Instructors are strongly encouraged to apply for positions teaching the newly offered languages of Pashto and Punjabi.

The position vacancy listings are posted on the University of Wisconsin’s Office of Human Resources Web site. Details about how to apply, eligibility, etc. are included in the listings. Additional questions may be addressed to SASLI by phone at 608-261-1194 or by e-mail at

Link to the listing for the lecturer positions (PVL #60684)

Link to the listing for the faculty assistant positions (PVL #60686)

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