Announcement: Intermediate Urdu

Intermediate Urdu

We are delighted to announce the release of the language-learning website Intermediate Urdu at

Hosted by Washington University in St. Louis and developed with a grant from the South Asia Language Resource Center at the University of Chicago, Intermediate Urdu comprises sixteen interactive reading passages with corresponding audio and English summaries, dynamic online quizzes, and thirteen video interviews of Urdu scholars. All content is directed towards students at the intermediate level and preparing them for advanced level proficiency.

The site is the first to fully utilize Nastaliq as a web-based font so that Nastaliq is natively displayed in the site without requiring the user to download an appropriate font.

For the site’s font functionality to work properly across all operating systems, users are required to use the most recent version of the Firefox browser (4.-).

We are eager for your feedback – please contact Dr. Mohammad Warsi ( or Samuel Wright ( with any comments.