Call for Papers for Special Issue of Language Learning & Technology

Call for Papers for Special Issue of Language Learning& Technology (


Theme: Hegemonies in CALL

Guest Editors: Marie-Noelle Lamy and Mark Pegrum

An assumption that the technologies, pedagogies, educational and sociocultural norms associated with CALL are universal has implicitly permeated much of the discipline’s research over the past two decades. In this issue we will draw together critical perspectives that problematize the workings of hegemonies. By “hegemony,” we understand a situation where one culture or one form of praxis predominates and, deliberately or not, prevents the development or continued viability of alternative cultures and forms of praxis. We will assemble a provocative collection, from a multicultural, multilingual group of contributors, contrasting voices from the Anglosphere with voices from less well-served territories/cultures to ensure a rich dialogue between and around articles. We particularly welcome proposals for articles that include less well-researched languages, student cohorts and teaching contexts.

Please consult the LLT Website for general guidelines on submission ( and research (

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

* CALL& technological hegemonies (including hegemonic implications of the Internet and Web, commonly used Web 2.0 tools, and mobile technologies)

* CALL& pedagogical hegemonies (including hegemonic implications of social constructivism and associated interactive, collaborative, student-centred pedagogies; curriculum and course design; and the design of open access materials and digital repositories)

* CALL& educational hegemonies (including hegemonic educational and institutional policies, expectations and norms)

* CALL& social hegemonies (including the hegemonic implications of norms and practices of online interaction)

* CALL& inter/cultural hegemonies (including hegemonic implications of Western cultural norms and Western approaches to tolerance, openness, relativism and the skills associated with intercultural competence)

* CALL& sociopolitical hegemonies (including the hegemonic implications of democratic structures in education, and resistance to hegemonies)

Please send letter of intent and 250-word abstract by October 1, 2010 to

Publication timeline:

* October 1, 2010: Submission deadline for abstracts

* October 15, 2010: Invitation to authors to submit a manuscript

* March 1, 2011: Submission deadline for manuscripts

* June 1, 2012: Publication of special issue