Call for Papers: MWALLT Fall 2010 Conference

*MWALLT Fall 2010 Conference – Call for Proposals


The MidWest Association for Language Learning Technology (MWALLT) conference is scheduled for *October 8-9, 2010* – save the date! The conference is being hosted by the CLA Language Center at the University of Minnesota, and co-sponsored with the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA).

The theme of the conference is /Engaging Students for Advanced Proficiency. /Instructors and graduate students interested in the use of technology in second language learning and teaching are encouraged to submit proposals, especially those relating to this theme and the following topics:

* Social Networking

* Increasing student production

* Providing feedback

* Use of mobile devices

* Video in second language learning

* Developing digital literacy

* Delivering curriculum online

* Developing professional community / Personal Learning Networks

* Technology approaches to Languages Across the Curriculum

The *deadline* for proposal submission is *September 1*.

Please see for further presentation details and the proposal submission form.