Seeking LCTL Students for Survey on Study Abroad

Seeking LCTL students for survey on study abroad


I am looking for students who are/will be studying less frequently taught languages such as Thai, Swahili, Hindi, Vietnamese, Tamil, Persian, Malay, Indonesian, Afrikaans, etc. (but perhaps not Spanish, Italian, French, or German). I’m hoping that you can introduce my research project to your students who go abroad to study any of those languages because I assume that your LCTL project may have access to those students. I am currently conducting a project supported by the TOEFL Board Awards from Educational Testing Service. The project seeks to investigate the best point in foreign language study for oversea immersion and the language learning motivations of students who study less frequently taught languages abroad versus more frequently taught languages abroad.

When students agree to participate, they will be asked to complete online surveys prior to departure (pre-survey) and again after their return (post-survey). Each of the survey may take 15-30 minutes to compete. Upon the completion of both the pre- and post- surveys, students will be compensated with $15. If they like, they can participate in online interviews for 15 minutes through Gmail Chat or AOL. As for this online interview, students will be compensated with additional $15. Students who have registered for this 2010 summer, fall 2010, or spring 2011 can participate.

Your support will be truly beneficial for this project because it is easy to find students who sign up for Spanish and French study abroad programs, but very difficult to find students who sign up for Swahili or Malay, for example. If you think that your students may be interested in participation or have any questions about the project, please have them email me at or call me at 928.523.2059. This project has been reviewed and approved by the Northern Arizona University Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research. I look forward to your response. Thank you very much for support.

Okim Kang


Okim Kang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Department of English (TESL/Applied Linguistics)

Northern Arizona University

Phone: 928.523.2059; fax: 928.523.7074