Job Posting: Language Coordinator, Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), Duke University and the NC Consortium of South Asian Studies

Job title: Language Coordinator

Department: Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), Duke University and the NC Consortium of South Asian Studies.

Reports to: The Associate Director of the Consortium.



Job Description: The position is responsible for: 1) Promote South Asian Language and related Courses across the three universities 2) coordinate language promotion and outreach activities in K-18 classrooms and community, 3) Coordinate and manage the consortium’s Foreign Language Area Study (FLAS) Scholarship process and report writing, 4) actively participate in the development of the consortium.

NCCSAS Mission/Description:

The mission of NCCSAS is to

* Create a supportive, intellectually stimulating, and interdisciplinary environment for students, faculty, and community members interested in the study of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, and Maldives).

* Bring together members of our local and worldwide community (K-16 schools, universities, scholars, artists, activists, civic organizations, etc.) in order to promote new ideas, research, and cultural awareness about South Asia

* Prepare better educated citizens and future leaders who may work in fields related to South in academics, business, arts, government, and other careers.

We fulfill this mission through:

* Educational Activities (guest speakers; course development; visiting artists; outreach to local schools, businesses and media; service-learning opportunities; certificate programs; etc.).

* Research Support (travel grants; conference awards; publications; conferences).

* Creating Social Networks and Building Community (collaborations with NC public schools, other universities, student organizations, and alumni; visiting professors; and through internships, and social events).

Specific Responsibilities:

South Asian Language Development (50% of the time)

* Develop courses & classes in South Asian languages particularly the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) including, securing rooms & times, act as the consortium liaison for course and instructor support, advertising, flyers, posters, for courses on all campuses.

* Provide support and content in developing language track within different certificate programs on South Asia across the different universities.

* Develop more comprehensive, systematic, institutional approach to infusing a model of languages across the curriculum (LAC) on all three campuses to produce the connections between pure language courses and area disciplines.

* Support language instructors in creating curriculum, syllabi, lesson plans, and learning activities, audio and video creation, online materials development, new software and technology across campuses.

* Provide report to the Executive Committee on quality of language education by visiting classes, conferences, and workshops.

* Apply new techniques for language acquisition and new strategies for improving language courses and their enrollment.

* Monitoring classes in session on three campuses and making appropriate constructive suggestions.

* Coordinate with the language faculty across the campuses and act as a liaison for all South Asian Language students, as well as potential students of other South Asian languages.

* Act as a community liaison for language-related ventures, grants, projects, including Study Abroad programs, ROTCs, and public schools.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) (25% of the time)

* Responsible for all applications to Fulbright and IIE for three Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs in the following languages: Hindi/Urdu, Bengali, and Persian) at NCSU.

* Liaison with sponsoring institutions and departments at NCSU regarding funding, tuition, etc and actively promote more FLTA opportunities on other campuses.

* Oversees the Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) including orientation, administrative needs with IIE and NCSU, training, weekly meetings, and South Asia Project management, and serve as their campus advisor for all their courses and studies.

Foreign Language Scholarship and Programming (25% of the time)

* Coordinate the FLAS Committee, organize the competition including its announcement in coordination with the other area studies centers, oversees the selection process and award notifications.

* Complete the FLAS online data entry, budget management, interim and final reports (four annually) to Dept of Education.

* Collaborate on all center programs, workshops, public events and special events including: collaborating with a faculty member on planning conferences and speakers, invite participants, and serve as the Center’s liaison with the Duke International Office and Accounting Services if necessary.

* Provide support for maintaining the Center and Consortium newsletter, web site, and consortium calendar for events, including writing text for sites and ensuring that all site text and calendar is accurate and up to date.

* Provide support in securing grants and other funding opportunities including grant writing, communicating with funding agencies and collect data from the consortium institutions as necessary for these reports.

* Promote South Asian language in K-12 classrooms, coordinate new language related programs in the larger community, serve as a language resource for university and public schools.

* Others as specified.

Experience and Training required:

* Bachelor degree in any academic discipline with specialization in South Asia language and culture (Master Degree preferred) with 1 year experience in program administration.

* The candidate must possess a strong understanding of South Asian language, the need for the development of these languages in US universities and K-16 class rooms, and a passion for the teaching languages.

Skills and Abilities required:

* Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

* Understand the diversity in South Asian language and promote less commonly taught language that are of critical importance to US government and foreign policy needs.

* Able to prioritize work and juggle a range of activities under multiple deadlines and sources of leadership.

* Excellent written and communication skills in English.

* Computer skills: proficiency in spreadsheets and word processing .

* Willing to work some flexible hours (occasional evening and weekend) and some out of state travel.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to

Dr. Baishakhi Taylor, Center for South Asian Studies, 2204 Erwin Rd, Box 90416, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708, or by email to