Call for Papers: South Asia Language Pedagogy and Technology Journal


South Asia Language Pedagogy & Technology


South Asia Language Pedagogy & Technology (SALPAT) is currently accepting online submissions for its second volume, “Teaching South Asian Languages: Scope, Challenges, Horizons.”

Submissions may include, but are by no means limited to:

• Furthering the study of less-commonly taught languages

• Distinctive possibilities for technology in South Asia language instruction

• The challenges that South Asian languages present to university teaching

• Implementing new strategies in a working curriculum

• The proper scope of technology in language learning

• Pedagogy and web implementation

• Teaching and testing resources

• Original content development, applets, plugins, and digital resources

• Reviews of technology and pedagogical material

SALPAT is an online journal, hence submissions need not be confined to article format. Video, representative design, elaborated code, and the like are actively sought.

SALPAT is a blind peer-reviewed journal that seeks to promote innovative research on teaching and learning the languages of South Asia. Its editorial board draws from specialists in diverse fields: South Asian languages, language pedagogy, linguistics, sociolinguists, and South Asian history, among others. The editor for this volume is Blake Wentworh, Yale University.

• Please direct enquiries to Blake Wentworth <>

• Submit an article and subscribe online at

• Please post and forward this announcement to relevant colleagues and institutions.