Job Posting: Assistant Director, Specialized and Interdisciplinary Language Programs, Center for Language Study



General Purpose
Under the direction of the Associate Director for Language Education and research, plan, create and manage the administrative, programmatic, and pedagogical functions for the specialized language initiatives of the Center for Language Study, such as the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) program, the FIELDS program, Languages for Specific Purposes, Tutoring Program, and Faculty Development Programs such as Travel Grants. Design and implement independent and interdisciplinary programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students that supplement and enhance existing course offerings. Serve as the primary liaison with other Yale departments, residential colleges, professional organizations, faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Essential Duties:

1. Recommend and develop long-range plans and operational framework for DILS, FIELDS, and discipline-specific language programs for undergraduate, graduate and professional school students, staff, and faculty.
2. Develop procedures and implement policies governing the administration of CLS special language initiatives in collaboration with Yale College, Graduate & Professional Schools; Research and advise Associate Director of new program opportunities and initiatives; identify financial, pedagogical and administrative resources to support programmatic goals.
3. Establish pedagogical guidelines and monitor the administration for language tutoring program and travel grants.
4. Supervisor program staff.
5. Create program application and selection procedures and develop guidelines and timelines Targeted toward specific program objectives.
6. Working with technology specialists, develop and identify materials and resources for language instruction.
7. Hire, train, and supervise instructors and language partners. Establish standards and guidelines for program oversight and evaluation and oversee professional development of instructors.
8. Develop and implement new curricula; establish testing and assessment procedures; monitor student progress and create and maintain student records.
9. Create and oversee foreign language examination process and procedures for students who wish to demonstrate native language competency toward completion of the Foreign Language Requirement in consultation with Yale College Dean’s Office and the Registrar’s Office; reporting as appropriate to individual Yale departments, residential colleges and schools.
10. Collect and analyze program, testing, enrollment and other relevant data; prepare oral and written reports for relevant Yale Departments and other administrative units.
11. Attend (and, when appropriate, present at) professional conferences on specialized and interdisciplinary language programs and on the less commonly taught languages (LCTLs).


1. Advanced Degree
2. Ph.D. or equivalent level degree in Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics or related field, or equivalent combination of experience and education.

Skills & Abilities:

1. Demonstrated interest in curricular innovation, especially outside traditional course structures and for non-traditional learners.
2. Experience with less commonly taught languages (LCTLs)
3. Experience with language testing
4. Experience with teacher training and program administration
5. Experience with technology-mediated language learning


Send all applications to:

The reference number for the position is: 7599BR.