Hindi-Urdu Program at UCLA Summer 2009

CENTER FOR WORLD LANGUAGES HINDI-URDU PROGRAM AT UCLA OFFERS  Hindi for Hindi-Urdu Students or other Indian language Heritage Students.  Special class for High School Students only


DURING SUMMER 2009 June 23rd – July 31st (6 weeks)
Time: Monday-Wednesday (9am-12am) Thursday (9am-11am)
Location: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
6 weeks for only $200 (need based fee waiver available)
This is a five unit course and will satisfy some foreign language requirements
Supervisor: Dr. Gyanam Mahajan, ALC Department, UCLA
To register, visit our website: http://hslanguages.ucla.edu or call us at: Telephone: 310-825-2510 or 310-825-1138