Call for Papers: Beyond the Language Classroom

Innovation In Teaching is inviting contributions to an edited book, to be published by a major international publisher, on the topic of language learning and teaching beyond the classroom.


The aim of the book is to provide an account of the range of settings and types of learning and teaching beyond the classroom and to develop a broad theoretical understanding of this area of research and practice.

This call for papers is for two types of contributions: the first part of the book will include empirical papers reporting on research in out of class language learning. The second part of the book will include contributions reporting on the practical implementation of pedagogy is for out of class learning. This could include institutional efforts to encourage and support students in their learning outside the classroom, or it could report on the assessment of learning done outside the institution, for example.

Proposals can cover any of the following areas:
Self-access, distance education, workplace learning, home schooling, computer-mediated learning, use of mobile devices, study abroad, use of broadcast materials, self-instruction, online or offline learning communities, naturalistic learning, or learning in multiple settings. Within this broad framework, contributions may focus on issues such as:

– strategy use
– motivation and affective factors in out-of-class learning
– access to resources
– new modes of teaching and learning
– interaction between out-of-class and in-class learning
– interaction between language learning and everyday life.
– assessment of out-of-class learning.
– any other relevant areas.

A full call for papers can be found here: