Call for Papers: International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation, NFLRC University of Hawaii

1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation: Supporting Small Languages Together.
Honolulu, Hawai’i, March 12-14, 2009

It has been a decade since Himmelmann’s article on language documentation appeared and focused the field into thinking in terms of creating a lasting record of a language that could be used by speakers as well as
by academics. This conference aims to assess what has been achieved in the past decade and what the practice of language documentation within linguistics has been and can be. It has become apparent that there is too much for a linguist alone to achieve and that language documentation requires collaboration. This conference will focus on the theme of collaboration in language documentation and revitalization and will include sessions on interdisciplinary topics.


* Nikolaus Himmelmann, University of Munster
* Leanne Hinton, UC Berkeley
* Paul Newman, Indiana University, University of Michigan
* Phil Cash Cash, University of Arizona


We welcome abstracts on the issue of a retrospective on language documentation – an assessment after a decade, and on topics related to collaborative language documentation and conservation which may include:

– Community-based documentation/conservation initiatives
– Community viewpoints on documentation
– Issues in building language documentation in collaborative teams
– Interdisciplinary fieldwork
– Collaboration for mobilization of language data
– Technology in documentation – methods and pitfalls
– Graduate students and documentation
– Topics in areal language documentation
– Training in documentation methods – beyond the university
– Teaching/learning small languages
– Language revitalization
– Language archiving
– Balancing documentation and language learning

This is not an exhaustive list and individual papers and/or colloquia on
topics outside these remits are warmly welcomed.


Abstracts should be submitted in English, but presentations can be in any
language. We particularly welcome presentations in languages of the region. Authors may submit no more than one individual and one joint proposal.

ABSTRACTS ARE DUE BY SEPTEMBER 15th, 2008 with notification of acceptance by October 17th 2008.

We ask for ABSTRACTS OF 400 WORDS for online publication so that conference participants can have a good idea of the content of your paper and a 50 WORD SUMMARY for inclusion in the conference program. All abstracts will be submitted to blind peer review by international experts on the topic.


Selected papers from the conference will be invited to submit to the journal Language Documentation & Conservation for publication.


* PAPERS will be allowed 20 minutes with 10 minutes of question time.
* POSTERS will be on display throughout the conference. Poster presentations will run during the lunch breaks.
* COLLOQUIA (themed sets of sessions) associated with the theme of the conference are also welcome.

For more information, visit our conference website:

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