Job Posting: WatchBoard Collection Analyst

WatchBoard Collection Analyst Position Description

Regions and Language(s) Hiring Right Now

Russia & Central Asia: Russian and/or Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Europe: Scandinavian languages, Romanian, Polish
Africa: French, Arabic, Swahili, Afrikaans, Amharic, Wolof, Somali, Portuguese (any other languages spoken in African countries)
Contact: OR
South East Asia: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, French
South Asia: Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Middle East: Farsi, Hebrew

Time to Start: ASAP / Negotiable

Term: Full-time or part-time

Purpose of Position:

The WB collection analyst is the primary link connecting a foreign media environment with the analytical team at ISIS Center’s Project Argus. Project Argus tracks epidemiological events worldwide. The analyst is responsible for continually reviewing foreign media sources and reporting any media coverage of disease outbreaks in animals or humans, or any indirect indications of disease.

Primary Qualifications – Required:

Fluency in reading/analyzing target language(s)
Strong writing skills in formal, professional English
Professional demeanor and teamwork attitude
Openness to learning new software tools and analytical skills
Desire to make a difference in global health and security

Secondary Qualifications – Helpful:

Native speaker / time spent living in country where the foreign language is spoken
Professional translation experience
Experience or education related to public health, animal health, environmental health, medicine, biomedical science, or biosecurity.
Experience or education related to public policy, regional studies, international affairs.


The collection analyst conducts targeted searches of foreign media articles, critically reviews the available information, and independently composes reports of certain events covered by the foreign media that the Argus Project deems as high-priority. [A full review of how reported events are prioritized is presented during training of hired Analysts]. The analyst will be functioning as part of a larger regional team and reporting on events occurring in his/her assigned region(s). The analyst’s work will be consistently reviewed by the Senior Analyst working with said team and the analyst may on occasion be tasked with temporary research projects, often related to their area of language or regional expertise.