Call for Papers: Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum, UNC Chapel Hill

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum
Call for Papers

Frankly Speaking: Challenges in Integrating
Languages and Cultures into a Post-Secondary Curriculum
October 15-17, 2008
FedEx Global Education Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Fall 2008 conference on Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) provides an opportunity for faculty, graduate instructors, and administrators to share expertise in building and managing post-secondary CLAC programs. A special focus this year will be on the implications of the May 2007 MLA Foreign Language Report ( on CLAC initiatives nationwide.


The CLAC movement intends to make global competence a reality for students and to create alliances among educators to share practices and methods for incorporating an international dimension in curricula, and, more generally, to achieve internationalization goals. General principles of CLAC include:
A focus on communication and content;
An emphasis on developing meaningful content-focused language use outside traditional language classes;
An approach to language use and cross-cultural skills as a means for the achievement of global intellectual synthesis, in which students learn to combine and interpret knowledge produced in other languages and in other cultures.

Within this large framework, CLAC can take many forms, depending on specific content and curricular goals within a discipline.


Proposals for 30-minute papers or 90-minute panels on any issue relating to CLAC are welcome, although the following topics are of particular interest:
Institutional, professional, and practical obstacles to CLAC
CLAC: in competition or collaboration with foreign language departments?
Innovative interdepartmental or interinstitutional links
CLAC models for less commonly taught languages or heritage languages
Preparing graduate students and faculty to implement CLAC
The role of Title VI Centers and other funding agencies
CLAC evaluation and assessment
Sample teaching materials: syllabi, classroom activities, lesson plans
The use of technology in CLAC
The implications of national foreign language standards on CLAC
Languages for special purposes / professional use / service learning

To submit a proposal, please email an submission form (available on the web at and a one-page abstract (max. 350 words) to by May 15, 2008.

Selected papers will be published on the CLAC conference website. Submission of a proposal constitutes agreement to online publication. This in no way limits the author’s rights to publish the paper elsewhere.

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