Call for Papers: Conference on South Asia, UW Madison


The 37th Annual Conference on South Asia will be held on October 16-19, 2008 at the Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI. The conference attracts over 500 scholars and specialists on South Asia and is a great venue for intellectual, professional, and social exchange. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Veena Das will deliver the keynote address “Violence and the Reinhabiting: Reinhabiting the Everyday.” Panels, roundtables, and individual papers on all topics pertaining to South Asian studies are welcome.

Registration and proposal submission forms (single papers, panels, roundtables, preconferences) are available on line at . The deadline for submission is April 1, 2008.

Please email the conference staff at for any questions regarding the conference.

SALRC has a limited number of travel grants available to advanced graduate students and non-tenured faculty in South Asian languages whose papers are accepted for presentation at this conference. SALRC will consider those applicants whose papers complement our center’s mission of forwarding the teaching of South Asian languages and developing the pedagogical skills and tools to do so. For further information on the SALRC’s mission and priorities, visit our website at

Priority will be given to those who have not received SALRC conference support in the previous 12 months. The SALRC asks that applicants first attempt to receive funding from their home institution before applying for a SALRC grant. Faculty from institutions that do not have a South Asia Title VI Center are especially encouraged to apply. Faculty at South Asia NRC institutions are expected to get support from their home institution.

Requests to SALRC for support should be accompanied by the proposal abstract that you submitted for the conference, the conference’s acceptance letter, and your proposed budget. Please apply to us via e-mail at