Remediations II expands on the project begun with the Remediations workshop held in May of 2012. Bringing together scholars from various disciplines who work on Japan, this invitation-only workshop seeks to forge new directions of inquiry and enable new forms of collaborative work.

In taking the title Remediations, we emphasize Japan’s position as a densely mediated environment where technologies of the state and corporations have played a significant historical (and sometimes violent) role in the production of the nation and national subjects. At the same time, we aim to draw attention to the manner in which new and emergent technologies of communication and infrastructure potentially operate toward the reproduction of an established order while simultaneously opening spaces–virtual, real, and cognitive–for new forms of collective expression and becoming.

In addition, Remediations is meant to signal a continued commitment to the critique of “Japan” as an epistemological problematic mediated via Western and Eastern imperial and capitalist discursive regimes.

Finally, in the wake of the ongoing ecological and social crisis triggered by the Tohoku earthquake of March 11, 2011, we consider how the relationship of media to the social, and to nature, might be rethought in ways that better respond to the historical and epistemological issues this crisis has raised.

This event is free of charge and meals are provided. Registration is requested.