Jae-Goo Lee – Andrew Nogal (oboe)

Noli [Play] (II)

Composer: Jae-Goo Lee; Oboe: Andrew Nogal

Recorded live as part of the Project Incubator concert at Constellation Chicago, May 10, 2015

Composer’s Notes: Noli (II) is the second piece in my series of works for solo instruments. As the title of the piece (loosely translated as “play”) implies, Noli (II) is characterized by the fantasia-like or improvisatory play of musical “ideas, whose initial materials came out mostly by intuition. The term fantasia refers in the Baroque and Classical eras to a musical composition that alternates sections of rapid passagework with of slower, more melodic passages.

Like in Noli (I) for solo violin where I constructed its formal structure based on two quite contrasting ideas animated/percussive/agile and static/calm/melodic, in Noli (II) I start with two contrasting ideas slow/improvisatory/melodic (section I) and agitated/percussive/rhythmic (section II). The following section, section III, on the surface, looks like a transformation of section II, showing a same tone center technique. The tempo of the section, however, becomes more agitated and rapid and unlike section II, sustained and more ornamented notes dominate the section. The next one, which is section IV and the last section of the piece, is presented in the fastest tempo. Section IV is designed as a transformation of section I, especially developing the leaping melodic materials, which characterized that section. Despite its full of melodic lines, the section’s fast tempo makes music the most agitated and leads into the climax of the piece. After the climax, the piece ends with a brief coda, which is reminiscent of the ending of section I, making the same shout produced by the oboe’s metamorphic multiphonic.

About the Artists

Jae-Goo-LeeJae-Goo Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. After receiving his B.A. degree in Biological Science and his B.M. in Music Composition in Korea, he came to the U.S. for his graduate studies. At Queens College, CUNY, he earned his M.A., studying composition with Bruce Saylor, computer music with Hubert Howe and theory with Jeff Nichols. Jae-Goo Lee is currently a doctoral student at the University of Chicago where he is studying composition with Shulamit Ran and Marta Ptaszyńska and transformational theory as his minor field with Steven Rings.

Andrew NogalOboist Andrew Nogal is an acclaimed orchestral performer, chamber musician, and interpreter of contemporary music. He performs regularly with Ensemble Dal Niente, the CSO MusicNOW ensemble, the Northbrook and Elmhurst Symphony Orchestras, and as a substitute with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Oregon Symphony. His festival appearances include the Ojai, Astoria, Ravinia, and Great Lakes Festivals, as well as three summers performing under the direction of Pierre Boulez at the Lucerne Festival Academy in Switzerland. Nogal was awarded a gold medal at the 2011 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and in 2012 became the first oboist ever lauded with the Kranichstein Music Prize, the top honor for performers, at the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music in Germany. Nogal studied at Northwestern University, where his primary teachers were Grover Schiltz, Michael Henoch, and Ray Still. He has led master classes and coached chamber music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Williams College, The Banff Centre, and Midwest Young Artists. Since 2011, he has been the instructor of oboe at Loyola University Chicago.