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PROJECT INCUBATOR aims to create an environment for direct and meaningful collaboration between composers and performers within a “laboratory”, experimental framework. The project is also designed to allow a glimpse into the collaborative process, by way of short film-clips documenting the work of each creative team as the new compositions take shape.


SUN 5/10/15, Constellation Theater

Final concert

Ten short new musical works will be premiered, each one the result of an extended one-on-one collaboration between some of Chicago’s best new-music performers and UChicago doctoral composers. The creative process is centered around conversation and experimentation within a laboratory-style, risk-encouraging framework. Each creative collaboration has been documented along the way by filmmaker Frances Cedro, with the resulting short clips serving as introductions for the live premieres.

FRI 5/8/15, Fulton Hall, University of Chicago


A free-flowing discussion with the project’s composers, performers and filmmaker, hosted by the UChicago Department of Music. The conversation will focus on the project’s unique creative processes, potentially touching upon collaborative composition at large. It will be led by faculty music historian Seth Brodsky and composer Anthony Cheung. The event will also include a few “preview” live performances of short excerpts from the project’s newly created pieces.


Iddo Aharony, Alican Camci, Pierce Gradone, Jack Hughes, Jae-Goo Lee, Joungbum Lee, Tim Page, Kate Pukinskis, Igor Santos, Phil Taylor


Alison Attar – harp
Amy Briggs – piano
Ammie Brod – viola
Winston Choi – piano and synthesizer
Nina Dante – voice
Shanna Gutierrez – bass-flute
Andy Nogal – oboe
Katie Schoeplin – bass-clarinet
Stas Venglevski – accordion