OVERVIEW:  The international colloquium Praxes of Theory seeks to bring together artists and scholars to probe the relationship between artistic theory and practice in a host of disciplines. The work of the colloquium will encompass four formal papers, plus three performances over the course of two days. In this way, the events seek to maximize opportunities for exchange and discussion. Each performance, to take place at various venues around campus and each lecture, to be held at the Franke Institute, will be followed by both an extended discussion period of the papers and a brief formal response.

The performances represent a wide range of theater, dance, and opera, and present a conceptual variety of works.  Mickle Maher’s dramaturgical workshop will show work in progress, offering symposium participants an opportunity to engage in a process of creative critique.  Peter Maxwell Davies’ Vesalii Icones is a rarely performed religious allegory rendered as clown dance theater.  And the 4 1/2 Rooms of Borges piece will offer an adaptation of 4 different stories.

The colloquium also reflects a broad institutional range: Mickle Maher is a lecturer in Creative Writing and a distinguished theater artist and performer; David Moss is an internationally recognized vocal performance artist who has recorded numerous CDs and DVDs of the classical and experimental repertoire; Drew Dir is the newly appointed Dramaturg at court Theatre and a Lecturer in TAPS; Majel Connery is a PhD student in Musicology who is devoting one of the chapters of her dissertation to the Davies work to be performed by her ensemble.

Coordinated by David Levin (U of C Germanic Studies/Theater & Performance Studies/Cinema Media Studies) and Christopher Wild (U of  C Germanic Studies/Theater & Performance Studies).