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Poverty and the Humanities–Course site!

The next phase of Poverty, Promise, and Possibility, the course on Poverty and the Humanities, successfully launched on Wed. evening Oct. 27th! We have a great group and plan to get a lot done, drawing on the humanities to help us redefine and refine the definition of poverty and think through some humanities-based antipoverty programs! Course materials will be available on this site.

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  1. bart schultz says:

    And please be sure to check out the new website, at http://povertyinitiative-we.uchicago.edu/ All suggestions about the development of this site would be most welcome!

  2. bart schultz says:

    p.s.–And here is a very important website offering advice on practical steps to take to work to eliminate global poverty: http://www.earth.columbia.edu/pages/endofpoverty/howtohelp

  3. Bart Schultz says:

    Check out the story on WBEZ about poverty in Illinois, at http://www.wbez.org/story/ashley-gross/poverty-rates-climb-throughout-most-illinois Prof. Evelyn Brodkin is one of the featured Poverty, Promise, and Possibility faculty!

  4. bart schultz says:

    And in an important follow up to the previous message, Kathleen Rubenstein sent the following link, which should be required reading for the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility participants: http://www.heartlandalliance.org/poverty/building-a-pathway-to-dignity-work-poverty-elmination-strategy.pdf

  5. Bart Schultz says:

    And here is a blog that we should all be checking out! See http://www.theshriverbrief.org/ Best, Bart

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