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Poverty in Chicago

Sociologist Chad Broughton spoke to a full house on Sept. 30th, in the inaugural public discussion in the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility series.  The slides from his talk, Sociology in Chicago: A Sociological Perspective, are now available here.093010PovertyChicagoLecture

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3 Responses to “Poverty in Chicago”

  1. Thank you for posting the slides from last night’s discussion. I was unable to make it and this provides a sense of what I missed and some useful information. I was fortunate to be part of Sara Stoelinga’s wonderful Poverty, Promise and Possibilities course, “The Face of Urban Communities” which touched on similar topics. I plan to take the second course in the Poverty,Promise and Possibility series, “Poverty and the Humanities in Chicago” and encourage others to consider it. One of the aspects of Stoelinga’s course I appreciated were the lively discussions focused on readings ranging from Sudhir Venkatesh back to W.E. B. Dubois. The course participants came from across the city and represented a variety of experiences and perspectives. I hope to see some of them participate in discussions on this blog in the future and would love to hear more from people who participated last night. Thank you for this important series of courses and public discussions!

  2. Priti Ahuja says:

    As someone who is relatively new to Chicago, I found last night’s presentation extremely helpful in painting a historical picture of the city and it’s contribution to the state of schools and communities today. The discussion about charter schools and institutional vs. personal responsibility is something I look forward to hearing more about in the upcoming discussions. I just wanted to mention one book that is very relevant to the discussion of neighborhood organization called “There Goes The Neighbohood,” by William Julius Wilson, and Richard P. Taub (U of C).

    Thank you for this enlightening series, and important discussions!

  3. Bart Schultz says:

    Hi All–Please check out this great story:
    http://www.uchicago.edu/features/20101004_haugen.shtml Best, Bart

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