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Welcome to the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility Blog!

The main purpose of this Blog is to facilitate networking among the participants in the University of Chicago’s exciting new initiative Poverty, Promise, and Possibility! We hope that you will give us some feedback on the events in this series, and that you will work with us to put together the best possible educational toolkit based on this initiative, the better to ensure that the knowledge we gain will continue to be accessible and useful. Here is an important recent story featuring one of our Poverty, Promise, and Possibility faculty: http://www.suntimes.com/business/2719222,CST-NWS-Poverty17.article

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One Response to “Welcome to the Poverty, Promise, and Possibility Blog!”

  1. Julie Jung says:

    The Brookings Institution released a new report today prepared by the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration’s Associate Professor Scott Allard and doctoral student Benjamin Roth. In their report, “Strained Suburbs: The Social Service Challenges of Rising Suburban Poverty,” Allard and Roth took a comprehensive look at how poverty has grown in America’s suburbs during the recent economic downturn, and how poor people in many suburban communities are finding it hard to get the help they need. They examined census data, records from the Internal Revenue Service, and interviewed representatives of social service agencies in suburban Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C..

    To read the Brookings report, visit: http://www.brookings.edu/reports/2010/1007_suburban_poverty_allard_roth.aspx

    To view the University press release and a short video interview with Associate Professor Scott Allard, visit:

    Please visit the SSA Newsroom for all media coverage:

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