Course Syllabi

Affect, Katie Stewart

Affect, Terror, Biopolitics, Jasbir Puar

Affect Theory, Michael Rothberg

The Affects of Modernity, Heather Love

Art, Community, Activism, Rebecca Zorach

Boredom, Michael Gardiner

Citizenship and the Bonds of Affect, Lily Cho

Cultural Politics and Poetics of the Emotions, Kathleen Woodward

Eating the Other: Food, Race, and Bodies, Martin Manalansan

Info, Affect, and Bodies, Patricia Clough

Failures of Feeling: Anaesthetics in 20th-Century America, Adam Jernigan

Historical Memory and Modes of Radical Practice, Ann Reynolds

Narratives of Affect/Affective Narratives: Emotion in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture, Carolyn Allen

Ordinariness, Lauren Berlant

Ordinariness, Everyday Life and the Quotidian, Michael Joyce

Pain: Theory, Criticism and Literature in the Twentieth Century, Michael Cobb

Public Feelings, Ann Cvetkovich

Utopia & Dystopia, Jennifer Atkinson

Theorizing Emotion, Lily Cho

Theorizing the Emotions in Contemporary U.S. Literature and Culture, Jeffrey Santa Ana

Emotion and the Law, Susan Bandes

Communicology, Greg Seigworth

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