Post-Conference Post

That was amazing, and more will happen here. I have already added to and plan to maintain the Pedagogies of Feeling page and keep the links fresh for the foreseeable future: so please keep contributing links. Pictures from the conference are below. More to be added. Thanks to all. LB

Conference Pictures–Picasa–by Dara Greenwald and Rachel Furnari

Conference Flickr–Pix by Sandy Soto

Conference Schedule

Graphic Version of Conference Schedule

What’s Happening…

This coming October 19th-20th, 2007, a collaborative of Public Feelings groups—housed in New York, Austin, Texas, and Chicago—will host an event called, Anxiety, Urgency, Outrage, Hope . . . A Conference on Political Feeling. This conference engages understanding, curating, and fomenting public feeling—feelings about politics, publicness, belonging, and attachments among intimates and strangers. It asks about the orchestration of public emotion in
times of crisis; about the making of crisis itself. It asks about the political feelings that bind and repulse us; that cultivate, disintegrate and confuse political solidarities and sensibilities; that shape the politics of desire, depression, optimism, and grief; that infuse public life with sentimentality—from community and nationality to the planet, from loved ones to strangers. It takes place at at the Franke Institute of University of Chicago, 1100 East 57th Street, Regenstein Library S-118 (773-702-8274).

These questions will be addressed in a wide range of scholarly writing, visual art, and film on affect, emotion, political agency, and political/aesthetic imaginaries in what we hope will be a sustained and animated workshop environment. Speakers now include: Fred Moten, Ruthie Gilmore, Lisa Duggan, Jose Estaban Muñoz, Tavia Nyong’o, Lily Cho, Rebecca Zorach, Debbie Gould, Feel Tank Chicago, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Ann Cvetkovich, Carel Rowe, Katie Stewart, Neville Hoad, Ann Reynolds, Jeffrey Skoller, and Sam Baker. Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom will also curate a space to visit, The Library of Radiant Optimism.

To further the end of fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we have invited a distinguished host of “fellow travelers” to the conference, thinkers who will attend the sessions and talk from the floor. These include: Miranda Joseph, Sandy Soto, Dana Luciano, Dara Greenwald, Bonnie Fortune, Brett Bloom, Stephanie Brooks, Liz Kennedy, Cathy Davidson, Ken Wissoker, Matthias Regan, Travis Jackson, Jean Ma, Martin Manalansan, Heather Love, Michael Cobb, Patricia Clough, Kathy Woodward . . . and others to be added.

Drawing from conversations already going on in political theory, art history, philosophy, sociology, aesthetics, geography, anthropology, music, performance studies, sexuality studies, and cultural studies, and using a variety of techniques to maintain a focus on discussion, the conference participants will open up scenes of political affect, emotion, and feeling to address the mediations of politics and the political by orchestrated conventional means and under-the-radar, intensive, kinetic transactions. The penultimate session, organized by Ann Cvetkovich and Lauren Berlant, will focus on pedagogies: we will ask all participants and anyone else we can think of to give us syllabi, papers, bibliography and weblinks to post on the website, which will be accessible not only to conference participants but to the wider (Googling) public.

Event Sponsors: Center for Gender Studies; Lesbian and Gay Studies Project of the Center for Gender Studies; Franke Institute; Department of Visual Arts; Feel Tank Chicago (

Exhortation to Fellow Travelers and Speakers

We need confirmations and, from the speakers, PAPER TITLES.
The sooner we know that you’re coming, the sooner we can reserve hotel rooms for you (even if you’re paying, as most people are separately from their stipends). There are rooms reserved for this conference at the McCormick Place Hilton.
Email LB at or Rachel Furnari, conference planning assistant and co-administrator of this blog, at