Schedule of Events

8:30: Coffee & fruit, welcome

9:15: Panel A 
Kirstie Blair: “Noticing Correspondents: Poets, Editors, and Forms of Newspaper Verse”
Aaron Hanlon: “Active Functions of Poetic Form”
Jason Rudy: “Scottish Lag: Robert Burns in Colonial New Zealand”
Respondent: Elizabeth Helsinger

11:00: Panel B
Marshall Brown: “Most Poems Have No Characters At All”
Dino Felluga “Don Juan and the Truth-Claims of Realism”
John Sitter: “Pope’s Posterior Poetics”
Respondent: Heather Keenleyside

12:30: Lunch

2:00: Keynote: Yopie Prins: “What Is Historical Poetics?”

3:30: Wine and light snacks

4:30: Poetry reading: Andrea Brady and Simon Jarvis

9:30: Coffee

10:15: Panel A
Debra Fried: “Discomposing Verse Designs”
Naomi Levine: “Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Historiographic Poetics”
Andrea Brady: “Lycidas in Eighteenth-Century Imitation”
Respondent: Frances Ferguson

12:00: Lunch

1:30: Panel B
D. B. Ruderman: ” ‘English Spondeans’ and the Interval in Coleridge”
G. Gabrielle Starr: “Genre and Social Cognition in The Eve of St. Agnes
Caroline Levine: “Repetitions: Poetic and Political Form”
Respondent: Oren Izenberg

3:00: Coffee, snacks

3:45: Keynote: Simon Jarvis: “Superversive Poetics”

All events will take place in Rosenwald Hall, Room 405 (5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637). The conference is free and open to the public, though registration is required. Please visit our Registration page for more information.