Scholars of English and American poetry have recently called for a new historical poetics capable of analyzing relations between culture and poetic form. This conference proposes further consideration of these issues in terms of genre. We aim to foster new ways of thinking about how form and genre relate to the British social imaginary during a period of staggering reinvention, between the ages of Pope and Swinburne.

Simon Jarvis (Cambridge): “Superversive Poetics”
Yopie Prins (Michigan): “What Is Historical Poetics?”

Kirstie Blair (Stirling, UK)
Andrea Brady (Queen Mary, London)
Marshall Brown (Washington)
Dino Felluga (Purdue)
Debra Fried (Cornell)
Aaron Hanlon (Georgetown)
Caroline Levine (Wisconsin)
Naomi Levine (Rutgers)
D. B. Ruderman (Ohio State, Newark)
Jason Rudy (Maryland)
John Sitter (Notre Dame)

Please register in advance if you plan to attend any of the events taking place May 9–10. All events will be held in Rosenwald Hall, Room 405, on the University of Chicago main quad (5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637). The conference is free and open to the public. Please contact the organizers if you require any assistance to participate in these events.