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By , April 7, 2016 7:08 pm

Fall 2016:

Date Topics
October 10 Jacob Phillips on McMurray, Galle, Klein & Schreiber “What are you waiting for? Cue Integration in Fricatives”
October 17 Katie Franich on Archangeli & Pulleyblank “Phonology without Universal Grammar”
October 26 Katie Franich on Mielke, Baker & Archangeli “Individual contact limits phonological complexity”
November 2 Jacob Phillips on Magloghlin “Accounting for variability in North American English /ɹ/: Evidence from children’s articulation”
November 16 Jacob Phillips on Zellou et al. “Phonetic imitation of coarticulatory vowel nasalization”

Spring 2016:

Date Topics
April 15 Jacob Phillips on Cho & Keating (2009) “Effects of initial position versus prominence in English”
April 22 No Meeting — 52nd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society
April 29 Kathryn Campbell-Kibler Colloquium “Sociolinguistic perception and introspective awareness”
May 13 Nick Danis (Rutgers) — “Cross Category Vowel-Consonant Interactions in Aghem Vietnamese”
May 20 Katie Franich — “Perception of Tonal Contours in Medʉmba”

Winter 2016:

Date Topics
January 19 Jacob Phillips on Pycha (2016) “Coarticulatory Cues for Communication”
January 26 Josh Falk on Stanton (to appear) “Learnability shapes typology”
February 2 Betsy Pillion on Francis et al. (2003) “On the (non)categorical perception of lexical tones”
February 9 Kat Montemurro on Sanchez et al. (2015) “Contextual activation of Australia can affect New Zealanders’ vowel productions”
February 16 Amara Sankhagowit on Duanmo (2004) ” Tone and non-tone languages”
March 1 Jacob Phillips on Gylfadottir (2015) “Shtreets of Philadelphia: An Acoustic Study of /str/-retraction in a naturalistic speech corpus”
March 8 Katie Franich on Tilsen (2009) “Multitimescale Dynamical Interactions Between Speech Rhythm and Gesture”

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