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Baa salaam,
Dear friends and colleagues, please join us for Persian Circle this week! Madhuvanti Ghose (Alsdorf Associate Curator of Indian, Southeast Asian, Himalayan and Islamic Art, Art Institute of Chicago) will be giving a talk in English, entitled:
 “Hidden Treasures: Kate Buckingham and her Foundational Gift of Persian and Indian Paintings to the Art Institute of Chicago” 

Thursday 16th May, 5-6.30pm, Pick Hall 218

(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)
We look forward to seeing you there!
Madhuvanti Ghose (PhD, University of London) is the Alsdorf Associate Curator of Indian, Southeast Asian, Himalayan, and Islamic Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She was previously Lecturer in South Asian Art and Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London from where she received her doctoral degree, after which she held a research fellowship at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Dr. Ghose has curated many exhibitions at the Art Institute, including the site-specific Public Notice 3 (2010–11) by Jitish Kallat, Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Paintings (2015–2016), Vanishing Beauty: Asian Jewelry and Ritual Objects from the Barbara and David Kipper Collection (2016) and India Modern: The Paintings of M.F. Husain (2017–18). She led the museum’s Vivekananda Memorial Program for Museum Excellence with the Government of India (2012–16). She serves on the executive committee of the board of trustees of the American Association of Art Museum Curators and is Vice President of its Governance and Nominating Committee.

Beh omid-e didaar,
(Attached image: “India and Iran. St. Petersburg Album, top left: Iran, c. 1740; top right: Iran, c. 1748; bottom left: India, 18th century; bottom right: India, 18th century; borders: Iran, Portraits: Top left: Iran, c. 1740; top right: Iran, c. 1748; bottom left: India, 18th century; bottom right: India, 18th century. Opaque watercolor, silver, and gold on paper. Lucy Maud Buckingham Collection, Art Institute of Chicago “)

با سلام,

 :این هفته انجمن سخن فارسی در دانشگاه شیکاگو تقدیم می کند سخنرانی ای به زبان انگلیزی
گنج پنهان: کیت باکینگهام و عطای بنیادی نقاشیهای ایرانی و هندی شان به مؤسسه هنر شیکاگو

سخنران ما در این جلسه مدهووانتی گهوش است

پنجشنبه ۱۶ مه  ۲۰۱۹ساعت: ۵:۰۰ تا ۶:۳۰
مدهووانتی گهوش موزه دار هنر هندوستانی, آسیای جنوب شرقی, هیمالیایی, و اسلامی در  مؤسسه هنر شیکاگو است
به امید دیدار

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