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Baa salaam,

Dear friends and colleagues, please join us this Thursday, 11/29, for a Persian Circle featuring Xelef Botan (CMES), who will be giving a talk in Persian and English on his travels in Iran this summer.

Xelef Botan is a second year CMES student at UChicago. He received his BA from Brown University in International Relations. He has been deeply interested in the histories, languages and cultures of the Middle East for a very long time. He has visited and even lived in some of the Middle Eastern countries. Most recently, he visited Iran for about two months and did a road-trip during that time, which is what he is going to talk about at the Persian Circle.

Thursday 29th November, 5-6.30pm, Pick Hall 218
(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

Be omid-e didaar,


با سلام

این هفته انجمن سخن فارسی در دانشگاه شیکاگو تقدیم می کند سخنرانی ای به زبان فارسی و اینگلیسی. سخنران ما در این جلسه خلف بتان (مرکز مطالعات خاور میانه) است که راجع به سفرش و تجربه اش در ایران این تابستان ارائه خواهد داد

پنجشنبه ۲۹ نوامبر ۲۰۱۸
ساعت: ۵:۰۰ تا ۶:۳۰

به امید دیدار

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