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Baa salaam,

Dear friends and colleagues, please join us on Thursday for a Persian Circle featuring Parvaneh Hosseini (The University of Arizona, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies), who will be giving a talk in Persian entitled:

:هویت و حافظه جمعی در رمان های فارسی اثر نویسندگان بهایی

«خاطرات یوتاب» و «گهواره دیو»

Collective Memory and Identity Construction in Persian Novels Written by Bahai’i Authors: A Comparative Analysis of the Novels: “Memories of Utab” and “The Cradle of the Beast”

Thursday 1st November, 5-6.30pm, Pick Hall 218

(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)

Parvaneh Hosseini is a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies with a minor in Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Her interests include politics of body, identity, and literature. She published “The Extension of Collective Identity: A Comparative Analysis ofI’ll Turn Off the Lights and Savushun” in Rahak in 2016 and “Transformation of the Meaning of Hijab in Islamic Fashion” in Ghalamrow in 2018. She has co-translated the novel There is no Fish in Gamasiyab by Hamed Esmaelion from Persian to English. Parvaneh Hosseini is also a social justice advocator. When she was in Iran she taught at Tehran University, Al-Zahra University and Bahaii University. She has been teaching Persian and Middle Eastern Humanities at the University of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin for almost 8 years. She teaches at Worcester State University at present.

Be omid-e didaar,
با سلام
:این هفته انجمن سخن فارسی در دانشگاه شیکاگو تقدیم می کند سخنرانی ای به زبان فارسی

«هویت و حافظه جمعی در رمان های فارسی اثر نویسندگان بهایی: «خاطرات یوتاب» و «گهواره دیو


سخنران ما در این جلسه پروانه حسینی از دانشگاه آریزونا(مدرسهء مطالعات خاور میانه و آفریقای شمالی) است
پنجشنبه ۱ نوامبر۲۰۱۸
ساعت: ۵:۰۰ تا ۶:۳۰
به امید دیدار


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