Nov 07


Website for the Adaptation exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art.

Design Notes:

As was the case with OPC, this website is unusual in that it is based on a custom WordPress theme built to order for the Smart Museum by

Nov 07

News from the Division of the Humanities

Welcome to the Division of the Humanities news page, your place for news, multimedia, and feature stories about the Division.

Design Notes:

The Humanities news page is intended to be both a source of news from and about the division (in the style of a blog or newsletter) as well as an online resource for members of the press. The site makes heavy use of post categories and tags and then re-uses these to create dynamic page content. So, for example, while the e.g. Faculty Publications and For the Press pages are static, the theme is also able to automatically create a menu bar based on categories such as Press Releases and Articles. The site’s sidebars are also a little more sophisticated than those offered by most themes because they include both a large “About” section at the top and two, parallel sidebars underneath. Each sidebar can be populated with its own set of widgets (including an RSS widget, as used

Oct 07

Wittgenstein Workshop

The graduate Wittgenstein Workshop aims to foster a variety of forms of interdisciplinary research that take their point of departure from a shared interest in Wittgenstein

Sep 07

Virtual Tourist in Ancient Rome

The Virtual Tourist in Ancient Rome symposium brings together scholars from the United States and Europe to address new directions in research on Renaissance antiquarianism and visual culture, including those making use of digital technology.

Design Notes:

This is a very simple site built on the NigaRila WordPress theme. It has a clean and simple design that relies in large part for its positive effect on the striking nature of the custom header image. A site like this with a solid color header is likely to be visually less effective. This was one of the first sites we created in WordPress for conferences. Today we would probably structure the site navigation a little differently (using a horizontal menu under the header image for example). However it’s still worth considering as a model as an example of how much can be done with very little effort. The whole site was put together in 20 minutes.


Aug 07


The MAPH blog is a source of information and a forum for annoucements and events of interest to current students in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities at the University of Chicago. It is edited by the MAPH staff and Program Mentors.

Design Notes:

The MAPH newsletter runs on the Carrington WordPress theme and takes its design cues from the Humanities News site. A sister version of the site (AfterMAPH) is directed primarily at MAPH alumni. I’ve listed it here since it is one of the few WordPress sites hosted by the division that are structured by and large exactly like a traditional blog. If you’re interested in other words in creating a newsletter for your department or group you may want to instead think about structuring it along the lines of a blog instead of trying to emulate the look and feel of a printed publication. Please note also the extensive use of category based menus (categories are subject tags associated with individual posts). This is a quick and easy way to add extra navigation and search (browse) options to a site.


Mar 07

All Things Visual

All Things Visual is the website and blog of the The Visual Resources Center (VRC) in the University of Chicago