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By , February 19, 2010


Metin Yüksel
Dengbêj, Mullah, Intelligentsia: the Survival and Revival of the Kurdish-Kurmanji Language in the Middle East, 1925-1960 (Win 2010)

Abdurrahman Atçıl
The Formation of the Ottoman Learned Class and Legal Scholarship (1300-1600) (Sum 2010)

Fatma Eryılmaz
The Shehnamecis of Sultan Suleyman: An Inspection of the Works of Fethullah Çelebi (‘Arif) and Abdullatif (Eflatun) (Spr 2010)

Nukhet Varlık
Disease and Empire: A History of Plague Epidemics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (1453-1600) (Sum 2008)

İbrahim Kaya Şahin
In the Service of the Ottoman Empire: Celalzade Mustafa (ca. 1490-1567), Bureaucrat and Historian (Win 2007)

Yuval Ben-Bassat
Local Feuds or Premonitions of a Bi-National Conflict? A Re-examination of Early Jewish-Arab Encounters in Palestine, 1882-1903 (Aut 2007)

Ebru Turan
The Sultan’s Favorite: Ibrahim Pasa and the Making of the Ottoman Universal Sovereignty in the Reign of Sultan Suleyman (1516-1526) (Win 2007)

Betul Başaran
Remaking the Gate of Felicity: Policing, Social Control, and Migration in Istanbul at the End of the Eighteenth Century, 1789–1793 (Aut 2006)

Sara Yıldız
Mongol Rule in Thirteenth-Century Seljuk Anatolia: The Politics of Conquest and History Writing, 1243-1282 (Aut 2006)

Mevhibe Emiralioğlu
Cognizance of the Ottoman World: Visual and Textual Representations in the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Empire (1514-1596) (Sum 2006)

Snjezana Buzov
The Lawgiver and His Lawmakers: The Role of Legal Discourse in the Change of Ottoman Imperial Culture (Aut 2005)

Sooyong Kim
Reading Past the Lines: Zati and the Social Practice of Ottoman Divan Poetry in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century (Spr 2005)

Nabil Al-Tikriti
Şehzade Korkud (ca. 1468–1513) and the Articulation of Early 16th-Century Ottoman Religious Identity (Sum 2004)

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