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This project will explore issues relating to art pedagogy and professionalization 
at the intersection between local contexts and the international art world.

Through attendance at the Havana Biennial, a series of interviews and studio 
visits with emerging artists in Havana, and documentation of Cátedra Arte de 
Conducta’s participation in the Biennial, we will use a discussion-based 
approach to explore what it means to be an emerging artist trained in a local 
context but entering international art structures. In an increasingly 
internationalized and professionalized art world, both American and Cuban 
students experience the difficulties of entering the global art field as young 
practitioners. While participation in international biennials is an increasingly 
important aspect of artistic and academic practice, art students and art 
historians trained outside of the major cultural art capitals are forced to embark 
on less direct paths into their professional fields. Despite divergent socio- 
political histories, both Chicago and Havana lack both geographical and 
infrastructural proximity to the institutional centers regulating art practice 
today. Working as an artist or art historian today necessitates an awareness of 
the constant dialogue surrounding art and art historical practice, which is 
hindered by a lack of proximity to the centers of, for example, New York, Los 
Angeles, Berlin, Venice, Sao Paolo, or London.

This trip is intended as the first of a series of annual trips to international art 
biennials that will form a crucial component of the curriculum in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago.

Funding was graciously provided by the UChicago Arts Council, FOTA, the Open Practice Committee, and the Claire Kantor Foundation.

Adrian Anagnost Art His PhD

Amy Babinec MFA 09

Andre Callot MFA 10

Michelle Maydanchik Art His PhD

Danielle Paz MFA 09

Vanessa Ruiz MFA 09

Marilyn Volkman MFA 09

Tania Bruguera Sponsoring Faculty, DOVA

Judy Hoffman Sponsoring Faculty, DOVA

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