“Colophon” comes from a Greek word meaning ‘a summit,’ ‘top,’ ‘finishing.’ It is a description of the details and methods behind a publication, often found on the last few pages of a book.


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Neoteric Design designed and developed this site. Neoteric redesigns websites with a focus on customer needs, site goals, ease of use and engaging design. The site redesign was launched in 2008 in conjunction with the start of the Fall semester at the University of Chicago.


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We used Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and TextMate to create this site.  The calendaring system is driven by Trumba® Connect™. The site runs on PHP and content is maintained using WordPress MU 2.3. Additional site features include Flash animation, JW Flash Video Player and the WordTube plug-in. The site is authored using structural XHTML, and complies with the 1.0 transitional web standards as set by the W3C.

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