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Department of Visual Arts: The Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago fosters students’ artistic development and exploration across media through a focused engagement that is integrally understood both as critical thought and practice.

Department of Art History: Established in 1902, the Art History Department of the University of Chicago enters its second century as a leader in innovative research and teaching in a multi-faceted discipline.

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture: The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC) at the University of Chicago is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to promoting engaged scholarship and debate around the topics of race and ethnicity.

Critical Inquiry: Edited by W.J.T. Mitchell, Critical Inquiry has been publishing the best critical thought in the art and humanities since 1974. Its wide interdisciplinary focus creates productive conceptual links and juxtapositions, offering new grounds for theoretical debate.

The Renaissance Society: Founded in 1915, The Renaissance Society’s mission is to encourage the growth and understanding of the most recent developments in contemporary art through exhibitions, publications, and events.

Smart Museum of Art: In addition to its acclaimed contemporary exhibitions, the Smart Museum houses a collection of art from antiquity to the present. Works in the museum’s contemporary gallery change frequently, highlighting strong holdings of Asian art, photo-based works and works with significant connections to Chicago.

Department of  Cinema and Media Studies: The Committee on Cinema and Media Studies is dedicated to pursuing innovative work in the history, theory, and criticism of film and related media, with additional strengths in video production and performance studies.

The Committee on Creative Writing: Creative Writing gives students a rigorous background in the fundamentals of creative work by providing them with the opportunity to study with established poets and prose writers and encourages the pursuit of creative writing within the larger context of academic study.

Theater and Performance Studies: TAPS offers a rigorous academic program requiring students to acquire facility in the practice of two media (including but not limited to theater, film, dance, music, and creative writing) while gaining a fluency in specific methods of critical analysis.

The Contemporary Art Workshop: The Contemporary Art Workshop seeks to provide a forum in which artists, art historians, and art professionals can engage in sustained discussion of the social, economic, and aesthetic underpinnings of recent art practice.

New Media Workshop: The New Media Workshop provides a forum to discuss the invention and innovation of all media, as well as their impact upon their target societies, thrown into relief by the advent of digital media. The New Media Workshop meets 10:30-12:30 alternating Fridays Starting October 3.

Film Studies Center: The Film Studies Center sponsors screenings, conferences and workshops which further research in cinema and media studies and bring innovative artists and film works to the public.

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