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February 15, 2010

Michael Rakowitz

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Presented by the Open Practice Committee, February 15th, 2010.

February 10, 2010


Above: panelists  Dara Greenwald, Gregory Sholette, and moderator Rebecca Zorach

“Pedagogy of the Periphery” CAA Shadow Session
Wed., Feb. 10, 4-8pm, at Three Walls (119 n. peoria #2d, )

A workshop-style event on the history, practice, and theory of experimental pedagogy inside and outside institutions, in conjunction with AREA Chicago’s issue #9 (Peripheral Vision), the Open Practice Committee, the Emma Goldman Center for the Study and Practice of Creative Anarchosyndicalism, and the Radical Caucus for Art’s Autonomizing Practices panel at the College Art Association meeting. Educators and students discuss pedagogical practices, broadly defined—with their optimism, obstacles, methods, pleasures, and frustrations—with short informal presentations and time for large- and small-group discussion, including questions submitted for discussion in advance by students and flexibility to address current events as needed (such as events in the campus uprisings happening in California, Europe, and elsewhere). This free event allows people not attending the conference to benefit from a sampling of visiting speakers and Chicago teachers. It is not conceived as anti-CAA, but happens alongside the conference to illustrate the fact that some conversations are easier to hold outside the professional machine.

Tentative Program:
4:00 meet and greet
4:30 Panel I: Greg Sholette / Dara Greenwald / Liz Mason-Deese and Tim Stallmann
5:45 Panel II: Eve Ewing / Nicole Marroquin / Bert Stabler
7:00 Small group discussions / report back from small groups
wrap up

<some snacks will be available but you are welcome to bring your own>

Recommended readings:
From Occupied Berkeley

From AREA Chicago

Questions and discussion:
Students and others are invited to send questions in advance that will be compiled and distributed for discussion in small groups of no more than 8 to be facilitated by the speakers. These might be responses to the readings, burning questions about your education, things you want to discuss. There will be time for discussion of the speakers’ presentations, but this allows everyone in the room an opportunity to help set the agenda for discussion.


You’re invited to read the above texts. Here are some of our questions to get you started….

Where can we find optimism right now in our individual or collective educational endeavors?

The Necrosocial piece argues that current institutions of higher education are moribund and worse than useless. Can we evaluate this argument? Could these institutions be changed from within or are they a lost cause? Can universities, or schools, create pockets of reflection and action? Can they nourish other more autonomous projects?

Can the teaching of art or art history be a “practice of freedom” (Paulo Freire, bell hooks)?

How should teachers teach, now? How should students learn?

February 10, 2010

Pedagogy of the Periphery

Panel with Dara Greenwald, Gregory Sholette, and Rebecca Zorach at Three Walls Gallery. Presented by the Emma Goldman Center and the Open Practice Committee, February 10th, 2010

February 9, 2010

Thomas Crow

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Presented by Critical Inquiry, February 9th, 2010.