NIETZSCHE: Style and Thought
A Colloquium

FEBRUARY 8-9, 2008

Friday, February 8
Harper, Room 130
1115 E. 59th Street

11:00 – 1:00
Dieter Thomä: The “becoming of the soul” and the Notion of Style in Nietzsche.

Important references for Thom’s paper: Der Fall Wagner, §7 (on décadence);
Fröhliche Wissenschaft, #290, (“One Thing is Needful”); Also sprach Zarathustra,
Book 1, §17 (on “Neighbor Love”); Genealogogie der Moral, Vorrede, §1
(on “Each man is furthest from himself”).

3:00 – 5:00
Robert Pippin: Baubo Logic: What is Hidden in Plain Sight in Nietzsche’s Texts.

Important references for Pippin’s paper: Preface, Gay Science; Preface, Beyond Good and Evil;
Human All Too Human, Volume Two, Part I, “Assorted Opinions and Maxims,” §5;
Menschliches, Allzumenschliches, “Vermischte Meinungen und Sprüche,” §5.

5:15 – 7:00
James Conant: Comments on Thomä and Pippin; General Discussion.

Saturday, February 9
The Franke Institute for the Humanities
1100 East 57th Street

11:00 – 1:00
Wolfram Groddeck: “6000 Fuss jenseits von Mensch und Zeit.” Zu Nietzsches hyperbolischem Stil.

Important references for Groddeck’s paper: Several individual passages but most notably the
Handschrift of the “Blatt” of August 1881 on which the thought of the “Ewige Wiederkunft” is written.

3:00 – 5:00
Christoph Menke: ‘Yeah-Saying’: Nietzsche’s Concept of Aesthetic Freedom.

Important references for Menke’s paper: Götzendämmerung, especially the passages
on the concept of aesthetic “Rausch” and on Goethe in the “Streifzüge eines Unzeitgemäßen.”

5:15 – 7:00
David E. Wellbery: Comments on Groddeck and Menke; General Discussion.