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Armando Maggi Featured in The University of Chicago Magazine

Armando Maggi, Professor of Italian Literature in Romance Languages and Literatures, discusses the revitalization of myth, fairy tales, and his forthcoming book in the current issue of The University of Chicago Magazine.

Maggi’s forthcoming book, tentatively titled, Preserving the Spell, examines the evolution of fairy tales over several centuries and at the same time calls for “a new mythology.” According to Maggi, most people are drawn to fairy tales even though they have lost their resonance and meaning in modern times.

From the article:

Still, he can’t help asking that same question: where are the new stories? “There is a longing for reality that has something to do with our frustration with fairy tales. We want stories that we can relate to, stories that seem real, that seem complicated, that are messy, but also stories of confronting danger or difficulty, as memoirists do, and overcoming them. Stories of triumph.”

Several hundred people attended Maggi’s Humanities Day lecture on October 22 entitled, “Preserving the Spell: Fairy Tales and the Future of Storytelling.” To view a video of this lecture visit the Humanities Day website. To read the article in the magazine, click here.

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