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MetaMaus, Edited by Hillary Chute, in the News

The recently released book MetaMaus written by comic artist Arthur Spiegelman and edited by Neubauer Family Assistant Professor of English Hillary Chute has garnered notable mentions from numerous media outlets. The New York Times praised Chute’s extensive interviews, saying she “knows a good deal about comics and pulls good things from him.”

MetaMaus looks back at Spiegelman’s drawings twenty-five years after the publication of his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Maus, which depicted the Nazis as cats and Jews as mice. The controversial book was based on the experience of Spiegelman’s father in Auschwitz and as a holocaust survivor living in Queens during the Cold War. The book was credited with changing the way Americans viewed comics, bringing them into the realm of serious art.

From the The New Republic:

[MetaMaus] transcribes a long interview with Spiegelman by the literary scholar Hillary Chute. “Perhaps the only honest way to present such material is to say: ‘Here are all the documents I used, you go through them,’” Spiegelman tells Chute. “‘And here’s a twelve-foot shelf of works to give these documents context, and here’s like thousands of hours of tape recordings, and here’s a bunch of photographs to look at. Now, go make yourself a Maus!’”

MetaMaus has been excerpted by the New York Review of Books, as well as reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The New RepublicVancouver Sun, and prominent websites boingboing and the Huffington Post.


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