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Alumna Maureen McLane, PhD ’97, Published in the Paris Review

The Paris Review Winter 2011 issue has published three poems by Maureen McLane, PhD ’97.  McLane is the author of two volumes of poetry, including  Same Life (2008) and World Enough (2010), several studies on British Romanticism, and a wealth of literary criticism.  The 2003 winner of the National Book Critics Circle’s Balakian Award for Excellence in Book Reviewing, McLane currently teaches poetry as an Associate Professor of English at NYU.

The Paris Review Daily also published an interview with McLane on their website.  Below is an excerpt from the interview:

What changed between the unpublished work and the poems of Same Life?

Same Life encompasses twelve years of poems, some of which overlap, in time and preoccupation and style, with the first manuscript. So there is some continuity: an interest in lyric sequences, for example. I think one shift was an increasing openness to, even an insistence on, a range and simultaneity of commitments—to erotic lyric but also invective, to compression but also expansion in some essayistic poems like “Excursion Susan Sontag.”

To read McLane’s interview in its entirety please click here.

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