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Filmmaker Justine Nagan, AM’04, Receives Rave Reviews

Justine Nagan, AM’04, has reason to celebrate.  Not only has she been recently appointed the executive director of Kartemquin Films, but her documentary Typeface has been receiving rave reviews on the film festival circuit.  In addition to receiving critical accolades, Nagan and Typeface have been featured in publications including Chicago Magazine, Time Out Chicago, and New City Film.

Typeface centers on the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, a rural museum and print shop in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  It is a place where international artists meet retired craftsmen as each tries to navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique.  Although the museum signifies the importance of print design in the town’s history, many believe that its continued existence is key to showing that the future of the fading industry may lie in acknowledging its past.

The January premiere of Typeface at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago sold out within days, and it continues to be selected for screenings at film festivals around the world.

From Time Out Chicago’s review:

For this look at the art of old-fashioned printing, Nagan takes it slow and easy, letting people tell their stories at their own pace. It’s a story about an old craft that used to be a state-of-the-art industry and now survives only for hobbyists and as part of a DIY art movement. To appreciate this doc’s elegaic mood, you have to relax into it.

You can learn more about Typeface and Justine Nagan in Time Out Chicago, New City Film, and Chicago Magazine, and more about Kartemquin Films by clicking here.

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