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Lawrence Rothfield’s book continues to draw attention

The National, an English-language newspaper based on Abu Dhabi, is drawing attention once again to The Rape of Mesopotamia. Written by Lawrence Rothfield, Associate Professor in the Departments of English and Comparative Literature and a Research Affiliate at the Cultural Policy Center, the book examines the looting of the Baghdad Museum following the American occupation in 2003. From the article:

So what happened? It is one of the merits of Rothfield’s meticulous account that it shies away from a simple explanation. Instead, The Rape of Mesopotamia shows, again and again, how communications failed, how signals were missed, how mutual suspicion between archaeologists and museum officials prevented the formation of a more unified front for dealing with the byzantine Washington bureaucracy.

For more information, see this previous post with links to Prof. Rothfield’s New Yorker interview and to an excerpt from his book.

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