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Sahar Ullah, AM’07, in the University of Chicago Magazine

The University of Chicago Magazine has interviewed Sahar Ullah. Ullah, who received her master’s from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in 2007, is the writer of The Hijabi Monologues. The performance piece consists of collected stories of women who wear hijab, the thin veil worn by some Muslim women, and it has been getting good reviews. From the magazine article:

We never do one story. One of the major points of the project is that you can’t generalize, just see a scarf on somebody’s head and think, I know that woman. Or if a woman doesn’t wear a scarf, I know that woman—you can’t say what she’s thinking, what she’s feeling, her experiences.

Ullah is currently in Cairo, where the piece is being performed. When she returns, she plans to hold workshops across the country. For more information, see the University of Chicago Magazine‘s article and The Hijabi Monologues’ Facebook group.

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