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World’s oldest Facebook member lives at the Oriental Institute

Mummy Meresamun has been in the news a lot lately. Strange for someone who used to be so shy. When she first appeared on the scene, people were only allowed to look at her sarcophagus. Only recently, with the latest advances in CT scan technology, have we been able to get under her skin. And now the mummy has given up any hope of a private life and joined Facebook. Search Facebook for “Mummy Meresamun” and you’ll find a complete profile page with such information as her favorite books (Book of the Dead) and activities (“sailing on the Nile”), along with regular status updates from the 3,000-year-old temple musician.

Despite the time involving in keeping up her new online presence, Mummy Meresamun still finds the time to make regular live appearances at the Oriental Institute.

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